I look forward to serving due to the fact....

For far to long mental health has not been a part of the conversation and now there is a mental health crisis that is affecting our schools. I want to help guide and craft policies that will help the board promote mental health wellness.In my working towards this goal I will

  • Support and challenge students
    • Support means – providing wrap around services for student so they can be academically successful
      Challenge means – Teaching them more than just the ABCs and 123s – conflict resolution, working with others, exposure to career pathways, etc.
  • Life skills that our children need in the real world.
  • Provide safe schools
  • Support teachers
  • Balance the budget
  • Hillsborough County can do better, we have started down the path to change.
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    Karen Perez for Hillsborough School Board

    Karen Perez for Hillsborough School Board

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